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There are several neck pain causes like cervical spondylosis, but we will cover them in another article. Now we would like to let you know more about how to relieve your neck pain. Here is one method called “Cervical Traction” or “Neck Traction”, which can cure your neck pain in minutes. Cervical traction is special method which does not require any surgery or drug and it helps you how to strengthen your neck. Using some tools, you can cure your pain of neck, or of neck arthritis, neck stains, sore neck, stiff neck and neck muscle spasms.

If your doctor is allowing you to do neck traction, you can do it without any physical therapist’s guidance. It’s too easy to do, and much effective as well as safe too. Just use our guide and you can do this method at home too.

The only requirement is you need one any of the below mentioned home neck traction units to do it. Just a traction unit needed and you can do it as per our guide.

Now check our guide will tell how exactly you can do neck traction at home and how it helps in relieving pain of your neck.


Well, its a therapist method which you need to do via neck stretcher. The units used for cervical traction work as neck stretcher but every unit stretch it differently. So, your neck muscles get stretched and your nerves released.

As mentioned above, the tools used in this method place tension on your head and pull it upward and make it away from your neck a little bit. Most of the units use the pull up of neck from vertebrae of the spine and widen the space between vertebrae.

Our own experience suggests that none of the any other method gives much relief from neck pain as fast as neck traction. Only thing is if you have any neck surgery, you should avoid it.

The units used for stretch does not use much power, it gently stretch your spine vertebrae and muscles. So, after doing this, you will feel the change, how dramatically your neck pain will be removed, that too without doing any medication.

How to use neck traction units at home?

It depends on which device you buy for yourself. There are many devices available in market, such as air neck traction device also called inflatable neck traction, neck decompressor or neck collar. We have provided guide on how to use popular device at home and reduce your pain. Do check out detail guide, as mentioned below.

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Cervical Neck Traction Device

(Inflatable Traction Device for Home Use)

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Neck Traction Device

For those that live with chronic neck pain, life is difficult to manage at times. The constant migraines and inability to turn your head sideways affects your quality of life more than many people realize. The excruciating pain that accompanies neck problems can be helped with a neck traction device.

Fortunately, neck traction devices are a way that neck pain sufferers can ease the pain. But what are the best cervical neck traction devices available? If you struggle with trying to keep your neck upright and properly positioned? Moreover, if you often wake up to a stiff and achy neck, then you’ll want to look into purchasing a neck traction device. No matter the cause of your neck pain, a neck traction device might be just what you need to help alleviate your pain and straighten your slouched position.

Neck Traction at Home

Neck traction, also known as cervical traction is a debated topic among health professionals and medical experts. Some specialists believe that they temporarily work at best, while others believe that a high-quality cervical neck traction device is the best thing for aligning the vertebrae back into position while relieving the associated pinched nerves often associated with a sore neck. Whatever the case is for you, consult your physician before attempting to use neck traction devices from home. This is especially important if you have recently had surgery or been in an accident. The last thing anyone wants is to make the pain situation worse and cause further neck difficulties.

Cervical Neck Traction Device

A common solution to relieving neck pain on a budget is to use temporary inflatable devices. Without having to break the bank, you can get a similar effect to that of the high end professional neck traction devices. This is possible with an inflatable neck traction device to use when laying down in bed to correctly align the vertebrae and get a better night’s sleep and to use while sitting in a chair.

A cervical neck traction device offers a way to relieve chronic neck and shoulder pain without costing you a fortune. Conditions that can receive relief are neck arthritis, herniated discs in the neck, strains in the neck, and other similar conditions.

The device works to increase the circulation of blood within the cervical spine which in turn can improve the condition of muscles, nerves, and tendons. An inflatable device allows you, the user, to control the way the device fits by pumping in the appropriate amount of air for your neck needs. These cervical neck traction devices have the potential to bring relief from the pain caused by neck arthritis and migraine from herniated discs.

A few negative points to take note of are the following:

First, the device may take a little time to fully master the use of.
Second, like most inflatable devices, this product may not last forever, especially with regular use.
Problems with inflation following months of use can be an issue, although in saying that, the very reasonable price makes it certainly worth trying, even if it doesn’t last as long as it’s more expensive competition.

Do Neck Traction Devices Work?

Of course, accurately answering this question is based on many factors. Using the best neck traction device on the market will definitely increase your odds of good results. Also, you will need to be dedicated to using the device every day until you can retrain your muscles (and your mind) to hold your neck properly. Even if you only wear it for 20 – 30 minutes a day, while on the way to work, or at your desk, you can start to alleviate those sore muscles and get yourself back on track to holding your neck upright.

Individuals who are good candidates for at-home cervical traction treatment are:

- A person who knows (and preferably has a medical diagnosis) of a condition that is directly related to the immediate uses of cervical traction treatment.
- Any person fully recovered from neck or spine surgery and given medical clearance, or any person otherwise given medical clearance to practice cervical traction treatment.
Best of all, with proper neck alignment, you will appear more confident, attractive and successful.

Best Neck Traction Device

Men and women have unique issues that cause neck issues. Neck traction devices are made to help reverse the effects of the unevenness we put on our bodies each day. They range from an over the door traction device to a full pneumatic cervical traction device, that helps cushion and cradle the user’s head and neck. There are also collar neck braces meant for use in cervical traction, particularly in relieving the neck and back pain associated with bulging or herniated discs.

Neck Traction Device Conclusion
In the end, each of us is unique and each has unique neck issues to deal with. Be sure to know your exact needs before purchasing the best neck traction device to fix your neck issue. Cervical traction devices are for the most part intuitive and easy to use. However, it’s important that any individual seeking an at-home treatment for any medical condition practice caution. Never begin a cervical traction treatment routine without consulting your doctor first.

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