DOOM Eternal

Hell comes to Earth and you, the Doom Slayer, are the only one who can stop it.


Jump into Doom Eternal, the most awaited shooter of the decade. It's bigger, more varied and even more dynamic than its 2016 predecessor. Let yourself be immersed by amazing visuals and hardcore metal music into the world of everlasting inferno.

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  • Combat Perfection
  • Now you are meaner, badder, faster, and much more powerful. Use your new dash ability, melee with a wrist blade, and burn enemies with your shoulder-mounted flamethrower.
  • Tactical Gore
    Glory kill enemies for health, burn them to a crisp for additional armor, or chainsaw them for ammo. Think fast, and you'll never run out of juice.
  • Battle of Giants
    Jump into 2 vs 1 online combat, where two demons face one Doom Slayer in a tight, focused and ultra-violent duel. There's no luck. There's only skill.

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