Ted’s Woodworking Plans Reviewed

Ever wondered exactly what you would get if you bought the Ted’s Woodworking Plans? Well, I bought it, all 16,000 of them! After trying out some plans and projects, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience working with Ted’s Woodworking Plans.

  • Price
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of the Projects
  • Number of Useable Plans
  • Project Varieties


If you decide to implement the Ted’s woodworking plans to make almost anything, this is certainly a good option (more correctly ‘mind-boggling’ plans) to start with.

One thing you may or may not like is that there are multiple plans for almost every single project (that beef up the sales pitch of 16,000 plans).

Yes, I found some duds but there are also alternative plans (pretty much workable). In overall, I’m quite satisfied.

I am an avid woodworker. So, I have had my eyes on a few woodworking plans for quite some time.

Ted’s woodworking was my top choice. In Ted’s woodworking plans, we are promised the ability to build anything from scratch. More importantly, I am told I don’t have to be an expert to build it. Isn’t that something?

In addition to that, there is money back guarantee. I thought that even if anything went south, I will still find an escape route.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Package Any Good?

I tried so many plans from this DIY guide. When I say many I mean a lot; and after all is said and done, I can sum it up like this. Ted’s woodworking plans are good, but not perfect.

First, from my experience, 16,000 DIY projects is not a small number. So you must have spent a very long time to prepare the plans in details.

When you look at some of these projects keenly, you will notice that some plans are bad. I suppose they are in here to beef up the sale’s pitch of the 16,000.

Here is the thing:

If you must buy these plans, accept the fact that you ay not love everything that you will find in here.

Nonetheless, the plans that you will find flawless, will make a good reaping out of this expert woodworking guide.

Will I Ask for My Money Back?

I don’t think so. These plans are worth every dollar that you pay for it.  Even so, you can ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied. Our tastes and preferences differ, you know? But I don’t think you will.

It’s even a good deal that you will get any future woodworking tips free of charge. And nothing beats that. Personally, I found so many positives from this smart woodworking  dealincluding these.

  • Over 10, 000 incredible detailed, easy to follow Woodworking Plans
  • Free drawing and CAD plan viewer
  • 3D Modeling Software
  • Woodworking Guide with over 200 pages of tips and techniques to use
  • 100 Detailed Woodworking Tips
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos so you can learn by just watching
  • A Guide to Starting Your Own Woodworking Business
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Do I Think Ted’s Woodworking Plans are Ripped Off?

Not really. Even so, many reviews in the past have suggested otherwise. Well, I can’t speak for them since I don’t have the facts, and I haven’t seen a clear case of a lifted plan in Ted’s plans. If I do I will let you know.

First, the product has been around for ages. That wouldn’t have been possible if it was a copyright infringement of any kind. But that’s just a suggestion. It could be a time bomb or not, but that I’m not sure.4

Secondly, it’s very possible that Ted might have obtained a license to sell these products online first. Even so, that’s a topic for you and me to find out. Nonetheless, this is a great product for woodworks.

In my opinion, these DIY woodworking plans are not entirely perfect but they are mostly good. It can serve you better especially if you are just starting out.

Even so, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, you will find that Ted’s plans are very easy-to-follow and clearly written.

Because they are easy to follow, you can master the techniques and woodworking skills easily and efficiently. I love the step by step videos that walk you through the entire process of every project that you put your mind to.

My favorite videos are the furniture construction videos, dog houses videos, and sheds just to mention but a few.

NOTE: When you buy Ted’s woodworking plans you’ll get a free lifetime access to the member’s area.  You don’t have to pay anything. That’s cool especially when it is time to get a few additional tips.


Ted’s woodworking plans are for anyone who loves DIY projects. They are designed for woodworking.

The projects are easy to follow. They are labeled: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It covers every one irrespective of your skills.

The best thing about the plans is this. Anyone can use it, even guys who have never tried their hands on any DIY woodwork project.

These plans are well-elaborated. They allow you to do any type of woodworking stuff any time you chose to.

About Ted’s Wood Working Plans

Like I mention, Ted’s woodworking plans are the simple DIY woodworking package. The package has 16,000 DIY projects that you can try even if you are clueless about woodworking – that’s what it says.

However, I didn’t have the time to count and find out if the plans were actually 16,000. Even so, I loved the arrangements. These plans are properly arranged under easy to find categories that eases your work.

Additional Tips You Should Know

The Pros List

  • You will get an easy to follow step by step DIY woodworking instructions. The projects are all woodworking projects.
  • You will also have a great collection of plans that serve both the novice as well as the seasoned woodworker too.
  • There are 16,000 DIY woodworking projects. This is a very good number that provides you with endless options to try.
  • There are 16,000 DIY woodworking projects. This is a very good number that provides you with endless options to try.
  • You’ll have the best plan to choose from billiard tables, deck plans, entertainment centers and many others.
  • Whatever you are looking for is easy to find. The plan is a well-organized with easy to follow format.
  • Once you find what you need, you are able to download it. You can also print it out. This makes it easy to follow.

NOTE: I suggest printing a version. Printing will give you an easy to follow plan that you can look at one step at a time.

The Bad Points:

  • I love many DIY projects in this pack. However, I don’t think it’s practical to try all these projects. Thankfully, there are categories to go with.
  • It is also very hard to place all the 16,000 plans in the right category.
  • These plans also take some time to download especially if it is your first purchase

NOTE: If you experience any hiccups when downloading you have the option to upgrade to the DVD pack in the members area.

Covers ALL Types of Projects From Large To Small

Furniture Designs

Kids Crafts & More!

Small Crafts

Outdoor Projects

Covers ALL Types of Projects From Large To Small

Step-By-Step Instructions
Each Ted’s Woodworking plan takes you from A to Z, helping you complete projects that are super easy and super fun!

Cutting and Materials Lists
Ted’s Woodworking provides exact materials lists and cutting directions for each project to help you save time and cut down on waste.

Detailed Schematics
The sharp and colorful schematics that are included in each plan, means no guesswork and makes each project a joy to complete.

Views From All Angles
Take a detailed look at every angle, every corner, and every joint of your finished project before you start building.

Suitable For Beginners and Professionals Alike
Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or an absolute novice, Ted’s Woodworking has the perfect plan for you.


In overall, Ted’s woodworking plans can serve any woodworker best. Well, Ted’s Woodworking Plans is not the cheapest plan that you can get to purchase. However, it is a better package compared to the rest.

I can attest that, for over 5 years that I have done my DIY woodwork projects, I am yet to find a plan that matches Ted’s. It is properly done and much more comprehensive.

For the woodworking newbies, hands on guys, and anyone with a woodworking project under their belts this program offers you the most value for your hard-earned dollar.

I highly recommend it for people that are serious about becoming a great woodworker. All you need to do is sharpen your skills to understand what you need or don’t need.