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"Hi, I'm Ann, and I'm a 58 years young grandmother living in California.

I've never been thin… not even when I was little. Maybe this is because my family didn’t like to exercise or eat healthy.


My parents, who were both overweight, got really sick as a result of their sedentary life. My mother had heart problems and my father was diabetic and they both died before they reached their 65th birthday.

So, I saw with my own eyes what it meant to be obese, and it was terrifying.


I had my beautiful daughter when I was 33. Even before getting pregnant, I was around 35 pounds overweight, but I didn't care.


I managed to lose the pregnancy weight quite easily, but after I turned 40, my nightmare started, as I began to feel the effects of a body that was getting older.


When I entered menopause, my weight kept increasing and my health was getting worse.

I have always been a busy mother with a hectic life. I worked over 60 hours a week and took care of my family, so I didn't have time to do any exercises or prepare healthy meals.


Before long, I realised that I was following the same footsteps of my parents, and my weight kept increasing. I was over 200 pounds, but I didn't want to end up like my parents, so I decided to do something about my weight.


So I tried different diets and weight loss programs, but none of them produced results for me, even though I tried so hard to lose weight.


I became a grandmother at the age of 54, when menopause had already taken control of my body. I was losing a little bit of self-esteem every single day!


I was feeling miserable and a complete lack of confidence in myself and I hated myself for not being able to lose weight, each time I had to buy clothes.


I didn’t even want to go to social events anymore, as I was too embarrassed at how people stared at me.

At the age of 58, I found myself obese. I was so fat that climbing the stairs took my breath away. I would have given everything to see the scale go down.


I didn't know what to do. At a routine checkup, I found out my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were dangerously high and the doctor told me that I had developed the same heart disease as my mother and I had to start taking blood pressure pills.

I had to do something. It was no longer just about my low self-esteem and lack of energy, it was about my life, so I started praying for a solution.


I was skeptical every time I looked for new diets or weight loss programs because they all promise you results, but don’t deliver anything!


They make you starve for weeks in order to lose 2 pounds, and each time you stop following them, you gain back 7 pounds! This happened to me more than once, so I hated them with all my guts!


My other problem was the fact that my bad genetics was also following my family. My sister and my daughter were both over 60 pounds overweight and both of them were hopeless.


However, one Sunday evening, I was scrolling through Facebook and I found a video with a 59 years old woman, who was exercising.


That woman was overweight too, however she was filled with energy.

She said that she had started a new program for women over 50 and she had already lost 32 pounds and she was getting in the best shape of her life.


If she did it, so could I….