The Cinderella Solution Review

Is It Right For You?

 by staf

What It's All About

The internet is buzzing with information about The Cinderella Solution which is a weight loss program that uses 2 14-day calendars of meal plans to help you make good food choices and lose weight.

The program is very easy to follow and you can access the meal plans and recipes from your smartphone. The program itself is delivered through a series of downloadable PDFs that users can access through a variety of electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc).


  • Easy To Follow
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • No Side Effects


  • For Women Only
  • Available Online Only
  • No Instant Results

The main basics of this diet are two phases known as Ignite and Launch. Each of the phases last for two weeks and includes meal plans and recipes. A unique feature of this program is that it does not restrict certain food groups the way other diets do.

It centers on teaching you to make better food choices and combine foods to jumpstart your weight loss and fat reduction. For those who have trouble staying motivated to exercise, it includes a workout guide featuring low-intensity exercises that focus on the major muscle groups and maximize muscle gains.

Should you just jump in and take the plunge? Or read more about the program to understand how it works and decide if it’s the best option for you in your situation? Well, there are two paths in the Cinderella Solution to choose from, and you can try out the program to see if it will work for you.


The Cinderella Solution costs only $37.00 with a money back guarantee of 60 days from the date of purchase! Therefore, if you are not happy with the product within 60 days, you will get your money back!

The Cinderella Solution

What is the basis of The Cinderella Solution?

The basis for the Cinderella Solution and what makes it different from other weight-loss diets is that it doesn’t entirely focus on the process of losing weight. Weight loss is a side benefit.

The focus of the program is on resetting the three hormones that regulate your metabolic rate. When these hormones are out of whack, the resistance forces the body to store fat, the opposite of losing it.

Resetting these hormones will boot the system and start the fat-burning engine. Many people who are overweight are hormones resistant and may not even be aware of it.

The main principle is focused on restarting and regulating the function of three essential hormones that regulate your metabolism, fat and weight loss.As we age, it is harder to lose excess weight than it was when we were younger. That is why the Cinderella Solution review is good for women over the age of 30 with at least 10 pounds or more to lose. The program is balanced and backed by solid nutritional information.

. It will teach you how to eat to get the best nutrition and how to exercise to gain the biggest results. It is easy to follow and you eat normal food so there are no expensive meals or foods to purchase. You can achieve your goals for weight loss and can maintain your weight when you no longer need to lose it.

Losing weight will increase your life expectancy and make you healthier which is a great benefit for everyone. Here is the information of the Cinderella Solution Review explain:

How the Program Works?

Now that we have talked a little bit about what the program is and why it works so well, we’ll get into the basics of the program in detail so you know what to expect if you choose to give it a try.

Part One: Introduction to Cinderella Solution

Here is what you will learn in the first few chapters:
●Basic introduction
●Ignite and Launch
●Pairing foods based on flavor profiles
●When you should eat for the best results
●Detailing the exercise portion of the program

The first few chapters are devoted to explaining the program in detail and introducing the two pathways offered by the program: Ignite and Launch. They will explain the basis of food pairing - or food combining for maximum weight loss.

Part of this is learning what flavors go together so you can create tasty, nutritious meals while on the program. You will also learn about the best times to feed your body.

You probably didn’t know it, but there is a right time and a wrong time to eat. The exercise portion will go over the best exercises to tone your muscles and burn fat from those problem areas like the stomach and hips.

Part Two: Nutritional Blueprint

The second part of the program delves a little deeper into the 2 week meal plans and recipes to teach you about how to get the best nutrition for your body. You will also learn about meal prepping and how it can save you time during the week when you have a lot to accomplish.

Moreover, if you’re looking for innovative recipes, this part of the program is the right one for you.

Apart from meals and recipes, this part also has information on macro nutrition and food pairings. There is a wealth of information related to different food groups and the best corresponding food items.

The Cinderella Solution Review Overview

Best for: Women

Weight Loss: 28 days with 2 phases. Each phase lasts 14 days

Support: 24-hour customer support team

Pricing: $37, 60-Day money back guarantee

The Cinderella Solution

Besides including a meal plan and recipes, you'll learn how to combine foods for nutrition, flavor, and fat-burning. Because there is so much information all in one place, it makes it so much easier to create a calendar of healthy, delicious meals for the month to save time and cut down on food waste because everything is prepared in advance.

Part Three: DIY Meals and Flavor-Pairing

Portion control is another aspect of healthy eating. You’ll get great meal ideas, healthy recipes, and you’ll also learn about portion sizes that can help you when it comes to designing your meal plans for the two-week periods.

Knowing how much you should eat at one time is just as important as knowing what to eat. Even low-calorie foods can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them.

Part Four: Flavor and Food Combinations

If you feel like you’re not a great cook, you’ll love this part of the program. This is where you will learn about pairing foods together to create flavors that will astound your taste buds. Combining flavorful ingredients in a recipe makes the food take on a whole new persona.

A chicken breast becomes Chicken Kiev, a Russian inspired dish made with chicken breast, minced garlic, butter, herbs, eggs, and bread crumbs. That piece of poultry just became a restaurant-quality dish.

Why We Liked The Program

A Wealth of Information

There is a lot of nutritional information compiled here so you won’t feel like you’re lacking on anything. With other diet plans they don’t provide a detailed look at their food recommendations or tell you what makes this food healthy or unhealthy. They just say eat this, or don’t eat this. There is no science to backup their data on why you shouldn’t eat certain foods.

Helpful Weight-loss Tools

You’ll also get a lot of useful tools to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The 14-day calendars are great for helping you keep track of your meals and when you ate. You can see how you are progressing and learn valuable tips for success.

Although a little intimidating, the program reboots your full information cache and gives you all you need to get started on a better, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle.

Good Price Point

Cinderella Solution is a great value at $37. You get a wealth of information on food, meal prepping, food pairing, and recipes as well as useful tips to help you maximize your weight loss achievements. There is no better program that does the same thing for less. It’s definitely a good value for the money.

The Cinderella Solution

Money-Back Guarantee

A product or service that offers a refund is a good deal. Not everyone will have the same results, and some people may not like some of the recipes or meal plans and decide it’s not for them. At least if they change their mind they can recover their investment with no risk. If you don’t feel satisfied with your results, you can request a refund.

Customer Service

If you are having trouble accessing any of the tools or navigating through the program you can get help from their support team.

Why We Did Not Like The Program

Like anything in life, no program is perfect. In many of the cinderella solution reviews people have expressed how much they liked the program and did well with it. But even good products have their down sides.

Time commitment

It requires a commitment of time and patience. Results are not immediate so many have a tendency to give up too soon. You’ll need to make permanent lifestyle changes to see long-term results. You will lose weight on this program but it requires work on your part to accomplish it.

Takes time to see results

You have to have realistic expectations about how fast you’ll lose the weight. The meal plans last for 28-days and you won’t see results until after this amount of time has passed. You simply can’t expect to drop 20 pounds in 4 weeks or lose the equivalent of two dress sizes. If you stick with the program you’ll see results over time.

Recommended more for women than men

While it is true that women over 30 have trouble losing weight, men also have issues and would benefit from the same information. It seems like it is centered more towards women, but should be encouraged for both men and women equally.

Overall, the program is good and makes good on its claims as long as you work with it and put in the effort to make changes to your lifestyle and commit to eating healthier food.

Thank you for reading the Cinderella Solution review, we hope you will make the best choice for you.

The Cinderella Solution