Top Best Seat Cushion in 2019

Having a bad posture, not exercising, sitting too many hours at home, in the car or at the office may cause back conditions and eventually back pain. In some cases, the spinal cord may be affected and diagnostic procedures may be required and surgery would be needed to fix it.

Besides exercising on a regular basis to improve your back muscles, seat cushions are a great option to help relieve the pressure in your tailbone and therefore making sitting more comfortably.

top seat cushions for office chair

What to consider when you are purchasing an office seat cushion:

Ergonomic Support

If you have chronic low back problems choosing an ergonomic seat cushion is crucial to your back health. Make sure to purchase a seat cushion that is firm enough to support your weight, but comfortable enough not to put pressure on your lower back and tailbone. To prevent or protect your spine and back a U-shape car seat cushion should be considered. This one has a cutout at that section of the cushion where the location of the tailbone, avoiding to put pressure on your vertebras.  


The primary padding of most of the seat cushions is foam. Based on these variations of padding has been made. There are seat cushions with memory foam, with gel, and with bamboo charcoal infusion. Before thinking of purchasing one, we advise you to analyze each ones padding and decide which one is right for you and your needs.


Another important criterion is how big the cushion should be. There are universal sizes on the market as specific sizes. Most probably you are looking for a cushion that is large enough to cover your bottom, ensuring the proper support for your hips and lower back. If you are looking for a seat cushion for your car than best is to measure your car’s seat and then compare it to the seat cushions sizes.


Using it on a daily basis, to have an easy-to-clean seat cushion is as much important as it is the comfort and support of it. Consider using a seat cushion with a removable cover, that can be hand or machine washed.

There are so many benefits of using a memory foam seat cushion for both prevention and back pain. These aspects we covered in another article. Click here to read about why you should take into consideration to use an ergonomic seat cushion.

Here is our top best seat cushion that deserves your attention:

#7. If you are looking for a simply designed seat cushion for office chair, with a removable and washable cover, then his might be just for you. Although it has only 2.4 inches thick memory foam, the ergonomic seat cushion is very comfortable. The classic U-shaped design distributes the weight equally across the seat.

#6. This seat cushion is extremely soft and provides tremendous support to your hips and tailbone. Designed with dense gel memory foam, this cushion conforms to the shape of your bottom, proving support to your spine and making you feel more comfortable while sitting at work or driving for long hours.

#5. Like all seat cushions, this one is focused on comfort besides providing support to your spine. Featuring 3.1-inch thick memory foam and bamboo charcoal infusion, making this seat cushion a thermoregulating cushion and extremely comfortable.  

#4. Although this seat cushion doesn’t have a cutout for the tailbone, it is large enough to ensure the support you need. Featuring 2 layers foam system makes this kind of cushion very comfortable. Depending on your necessity, you can give this office chair cushion a try.

#3. Now, this is an interesting seat cushion for office chair. What makes this one interesting is beside the U-shape it has a round hole in the cushion to help to prevent hemorrhoids. The thick soft memory foam provides good support to your hips and lowers back.

RFZA seat cushion for office chair

#2. This might be one of the most firm and comfortable seat cushions out there. Due to its U-shape form, this chair cushion will reduce the pressure on your tailbone and alleviate back pain, making sitting more comfortable than before. When you purchase this cushion you will not only receive a lifetime guarantee, but also exclusive bonuses. Give it a try! 

Memory foam seat cushion Only1MILLION

#1.If you are looking for a seat cushion that does stay in place and not slip, then this seat cushion for office chair is what you are looking for. Featuring a non-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place, will allow you to fully enjoy working while sitting. This memory foam chair cushion will come with a lifetime guarantee and a lot of extra bonuses. Take care of your spine and posture, this seat cushion is worth buying.