Why Should You Use a Memory Foam Seat Cushion?

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 Nowadays we spend most of our time sitting. For some people sitting down is a way to relax after a though day, and for others is just part of their job, driving for long hours or working at a desk and spending more than 8 h in front of a computer.

Whatever the reasons, over a long period of time, sitting can be uncomfortable, very painful and can cause a serious number of health conditions. How chairs, respectively sitting, aggravates your health is they tend to squeeze your hips, miss-align your spine and pelvis and slowly but surely will make you have an improper posture.

Sitting can cause chronic pain in your lower back, tailbone, spine and hips, hemorrhoids, abscesses or sores in your posterior region.

Prevention is the best way to avoid these chronic health conditions. Beside standing up and taking a 10 minutes break every 1 hour, ergonomic memory foam seat cushions are a great solution for those who spend long hours sitting, in front of a desk, at home, in a car and even in an airplane.
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Memory Foam Seat Cushion’s Benefits

Why are these so effective? Because they aren’t expensive (for how much they help you and reduce pain, they are quite cheap), they are portable, easy to use and provides a significant comfort and support to your spine and tailbone. Below are the main benefits of why using a memory foam seat cushion every day is good for your health.

Improves Posture

Over a period of time, sitting will cause health issues to your spine, from the cervical region to the lumbar region. Therefore, taking care of you posture can prevent chronic conditions. A good posture increases energy levels, focus and improves our confidence. More than that, studies have shown that it helps you age more gracefully and you will not be much affected by the aging process.

The ergonomic seat cushion will help making easier to sit with a good posture, meaning you will develop a better posture, without having to pay much attention to it.   

Reduce Pressure on Your Spine, Tailbone and Hips

The main purpose of the memory foam seat cushions is to reduce pressure on your coccyx (tailbone) and alleviate back pain. Choosing a proper seat cushion is vital, because if these are not properly designed they will put a lot of pressure on your hips and tailbone, causing a lot of pain and fatigue, which can further lead to spine problems that will overall affect the quality of your life. A memory foam seat cushion will equally distribute the weight across the seat.

Improved Circulation

While sitting your circulatory system is being compromised, restricting blood to flow in your pelvis, back and legs. What does this mean? The tissues and muscles will not get as much oxygen as they should  and therefore, the metabolic process will be slowed down, which will make you feel tired and in time experiencing pain.

Using a seat cushion will improve your blood flow to your pelvis and lower extremities.


You might have heard about the fact that sitting 8 hours per day will affect your digestion, respectively will cause constipation, heartburn and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Unfortunately, IBS is met quite often these days and the main symptoms of this are abdominal cramps, bloating and diarrhea. One of the solutions for avoiding digestions issues besides exercising and having a healthy diet, is removing compression from your abdomen by using an office chair cushion.


When you sit for a significant amount of time every day, comfort should be a priority. A comfortable seat cushion helps to prevent leg, back and neck stiffness.

More than that memory foam seat cushions, conforms to your exact body shape giving you a proper support. By molding to your body, the weight will be equal distributed across the seat. Some ergonomic seat cushions have a non-slip rubber bottom to keep them in place, allowing you to enjoy the entire comfort.

Increased Energy Levels

 Due to proper weight distribution across the seat, you will have a better posture, blood circulation and less pain, you will feel more energetic, less distracted and more focused. Just a simple adjustment, like using a memory foam seat cushion in your day to day activities can significantly improve your focus and energy levels.

Types of Seat Cushions

Seat cushions can be classified according to the support provided and the types of materials these are manufactured from.

  • Most common seat cushions provide support to your pelvis and tailbone. These are designed to reduce pressure on your tailbone and spine and alleviate back pain. Another type is the lumbar back support designed especially for people with low back pain. This type of cushion helps your posture by maintaining the natural curve of your back and he rotation of your hips.
  • There are many kinds of seat cushions on the market and the material they are made of makes the difference. Seat cushions made out of standard form, very cheap, are not recommended for long periods of sitting. Most popular and also high-quality ergonomic seat cushions are made of memory foam, gel or the combination of these 2. Both of them provide a great support, the gel seat cushion is more expensive and more probe to breaking down.

Get the Most Benefit from a Seat Cushion

Every healthcare product has its benefits and without your help, you will not get the results you want.

First of all, decide to use a seat cushion. After using one, you will wonder how life was before your new ergonomic seat cushion. Sit with your feet planted on the ground and your hips rotated slightly back. Important, avoid slouching or crossing your legs.

At the beginning it will feel a little bit awkward as you are used to have bad posture, but after a few days, you will start feeling much comfortable and better as before.

 Although the memory foam seat cushion improves your posture and decreases the pressure in your tailbone, do not forget to take breaks and stretch or move your body.
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